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Tree Services in Rutherford

If you own a home in Rutherford and keep your garden area in shipshape, and you want the services of arborists who will regularly engage in plant and tree trimming, pruning, cutting and other tree maintenance services Rutherford Heights, then do not go searching for a long time, just touch base with Tree Services Newcastle.

Rutherford Tree Removal

Tree Services have been engaged in a variety of rendering tree services over the years’ in and around the Rutherford neighbourhood and we have over two decades of experience in all aspects of tree services, maintenance removals, lopping in Rutherford Heights and more.

When it comes to tree removals that are as per a land clearing activity in Rutherford or in the event of any emergency in your Rutherford Heights house, then we are on the job. Whatever the situation demands, maybe you need experienced cutters or loppers to carry out tree felling, cutting and lopping and tree removal Rutherford too. And we will safely and effectively undertake this for you.

If you want to know more about our other listed, broad-based tree services that we offer, then the same are listed below:

  • We have arborists’ who have the expertise and knowhow and can be engaged for any regular garden area maintenance, plant and hedge trimming and pruning and even cutting, if required. In the event, removal and checking weed growth, wild bushes or overgrowth is also taken care of.
  • If you notice that the tree in your home has overgrown and the branches are precariously hanging and there are some lopping and felling of branches and leaves pruning and removals, then we can send across our loppers or cutters to carry out the job.
  • If any tree has been felled or has fallen, then for removal of deadwood and fallen tree limbs or branches from your residence, you can contact us.

Always remember, for any tree pruning, removals and more, contact the arborists at the Rutherford located, Tree Services Newcastle. You can call us on any one of our listed numbers 0426 870 254 or even drop a line to.

24 hours – Emergency Service