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Are you looking for a dependable Tree Services company in the New South Wales neighbourhood? Do you want to touch base with a reputed Tree Service Company? Well, then you don’t have to look beyond,Tree Services Newcastle

Speaking of the wide-ranging Tree Services that Tree Services Newcastle engages in, the same are listed and detailed below:

Tree Removal Newcastle
  • Tree Removal
  • Fire Reduction
  • Tree Pruning
  • Chipping
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Dead wooding
  • Stump Grinding
  • Block Clearance
  • Tree Felling
  • Land Clearing
  • Crown Reduction

Here’s a detailed look into our Tree Services

Tree Removal and Tree Felling

As part of our tree removal and tree felling activity, we carry out removal of any tree debris that has come about either unexpectedly or planned. Unexpectedly, it could be due to tree falling during heavy rains or a storm. On the other hand, we carry out planned, deliberated tree removal or tree felling activity wherein you want to remove overgrown, precariously positioned tall trees in your home or neighbourhood.

Tree Removal Newcastle

Fire Reduction

During a fire season, or sudden bush or forest fire situations, we help remove all hazardous fire debris materials.

Stump Removal Newcastle

Tree Pruning

We carry out expert tree pruning services which covers both commercial and domestic arenas.

Tree Pruning Newcastle


We have on board, high-tech chipping machinery and we offer state-of-the-art chipping services.

Tree Removal Newcastle

Land Clearing

As part of our land clearing services, our personnel help remove all trees, dirt, earth and debris from the site.

Land Clearing Newcastle

Hedge Trimming

We carry out regular, hedge trimming, tidying and sculpting and help maintain the neat-looking hedges in your home or commercial space.

Tree Trimming Newcastle

Dead Wooding

As part of this, our personnel help in the removal of dead wood and any type of dead wood debris.

Tree Removal Newcastle

Palm Maintenance

Regular, ongoing palm tree maintenance, pruning, trimming and cutting is carried out so as to help maintain its looks and appearance and they render a distinct of charm of its own to your building or residence.

Stump Removal Newcastle

Stump Grinding

We carry out stump grinding and help remove its debris too. Additionally, we also have equipment available on hire, which includes dump truck, stump grinder and chipper too. All our equipment is manned by a licensed and experienced driver and/or operator.

Stump Grinding Newcastle


Our expert demolition contractors will help demolish your home, garage, or any type of building you own in Newcastle, NSW.

Demolition Newcastle

Asbestos Removal

Tree Services Newcastle who have the expertise and knowhow to undertake asbestos removal and the subsequent disposal.

Asbestos Removal Newcastle

Additionally our Tree Services also include:

  • In the event of any emergency, we offer 24-hour emergency services.
  • If you want the tree crown to be reduced, we help in tree crown reduction.
  • If you want any block clearance and also any type of regular green waste removal, we are a call away.
  • And if you want us to spray herbicides on your plants and trees, and for regular yard maintenance too we are good.
  • If you have any mulch or firewood to be given away, Tree Services will buy it from you.

To know more about our services, write to Tree Services Newcastle at You can even speak to us at any of these numbers, 0426 870 254.

24 hours – Emergency Service